Best carpet for basement – The carpet is an excellent choice of floor covering for a finished basement, for several reasons. The carpet is warm, soft and padded, making it ideal for covering the cold cement floor. In addition, the carpet is one of the most flexible materials to cover the floor, so even if the cement floor is not perfectly level, you can install a carpet on it, without the need to level the floor or prepare it first.

Many people wonder what kind of carpet they can use in the basement, and if there is a certain type that is better for underground life than others. A common concern is about the higher humidity levels that are often found in basements, compared to the areas of the house that live above the ground. Best carpet for basement fibers come in two categories: synthetic fibers (made by man) and natural fibers.

Synthetic fibers are the best choice for basements, because they are more “breathable”, which means they do not retain moisture like natural fibers do. Basements are naturally humid, because they are underground. Therefore, the material covering the floor must be able to withstand the increase in humidity levels. Synthetic fibers can release moisture, to avoid the risk of mold or mildew on the best carpet for basement or under it.